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in ground pool

When the weather gets warm, there is nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in an in-ground pool. Many people go to the local pool and face the crowds in order to cool off. When you’re a kid, being around all of those people don’t really bother you too much. When you grow up, you start to feel a little less comfortable in a public swimming pool. While being around a lot of people can be overwhelming, there are some other reasons why going public isn’t always the best way to cool off.

Chlorine Danger

Chlorine is used in pools to kill bacteria and germs, control debris caused by body oil and sweat, and prevent the growth of algae. Without it, swimming in a public pool would not only be disgusting, but it would also be hazardous for your health. Public pools must be sure that they have a lot of chlorine to cover the multitudes of people who will be jumping in. However, too much chlorine can make you sick, too, causing burning and itchy skin, breathing troubles, even nausea, and headaches.

Pee-Pee (or worse) In The Pool

It’s no secret that people pee in public pools. It’s a fact and it’s often something that we just choose to not think about. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to forget. Though urination in the water isn’t really harmful, there is a toxic reaction that occurs when urine and chlorine mix. Long term exposure to this toxin can cause a slew of health problems. And when it comes to other bodily secretions, there are some illnesses that chlorine cannot kill effectively, putting you at risk if a careless person shares their sickness.

The Dressing Room

Bacteria thrive and grow in warm, moist environments, and the wet floor of the dressing area is a breeding ground. Mold growing in the showers or in the corners of the room unseen can cause respiratory problems when you breathe it in. Athlete’s foot fungus is something to be watchful for. There isn’t any chlorine in this area, so there is nothing to kill or prevent the spread of germs.

Get Your Own

If you like to swim, sit by the pool, or just have a place to keep cool this summer, why not get your own in-ground pool? If you have kids, there is no better way to keep them happy and healthy than giving them the opportunity to swim at home. At Infinity Pools, we’ll help you with every step of the process, from the desire to design, construction to completion. We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality, and we expect you to hold us to it as well.

Forget the public exposure and the grossness of it all. Stay home this summer and enjoy every minute of your new in-ground pool.