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sitting area near the pool

Have you ever heard the saying “it’s all fun and games until…”? You can fill in the blank with various things that can go wrong when people are having a good time. That’s why it’s important to be sure that all of your safety procedures are in place before, and during, your outdoor adventure.

The Pool

When it comes to your in-ground pool, a few safety features taken care of at installation are all you need to give you peace of mind and keep you compliant with local safety codes.

Important ways to keep your pool safe, clean, and fun include:

  • Keeping the pool filter clean
  • Skim, brush, and vacuum regularly
  • Test the pool water regularly for proper chemical balance
  • Don’t swim when you are sick
  • Keep children away from drain covers
  • Have a safety hook or a life ring close by at all times

By following these few tips, you can insure an exciting and fun time will be had by all.

We Believe In Safety

We are a swimming pool contractor that takes a strong stance when it comes to the safety of our employees and customers. From the first draft of your pool design to the last day of the construction process, we are committed to maintaining an injury-free workplace. We continue to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest safety regulations and technology to keep your pool as hazard-free as possible. We also donate annually to the local YMCA so that children who don’t have access to swimming lessons can get them free so they can learn to stay safe.

2 Important Safety Features

We know that adult supervision in the best protection against accidents. Keep a watchful eye on little ones at all times to keep them safe from harm. We also believe that a little fencing goes a long way toward keeping your swimming pool trouble free. Check with local code officers to be sure that your fence meets the proper height regulations. A safety gate with an alarm is also a great additional piece of protection.

Remember, if your pool has any damaged areas, such as cracked concrete or ripped vinyl, be sure to have it repaired before the season begins. Replace any damaged or unsteady ladders to prevent falls. As a swimming pool contractor, we have plenty of repair and remodel services to keep your existing pool safe.

Stay safe this summer and enjoy your pool to the fullest. An ounce of prevention is the best protection!