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swimming pool with rock tiles

The weather is heating up and your pool is set to become the hottest spot in town. If you have a lot of friends, a large family, or just a bunch of people who know that you have an in-ground pool, you’re sure to be very popular as the temperatures soar. And we say, the more the merrier when it comes to enjoying the pool and having fun this summer!

Sharing Is Caring

When it comes to your pool, you’re more than willing to share; when it comes to the thought of all of those people coming in and out of your house to get changed and use the bathroom, you get a little anxious. Soaking wet feet treading over your new carpets; little wee-ones using the toilet several times an afternoon; people changing in the bathroom that you need to get into. It’s overwhelming for anyone! Besides, who wants to get up every day and make sure that their home is sparkling clean and presentable to the masses? And who wants to clean the bathroom every night when the guests go home to have it ready for tomorrow? What do you do?

An Outdoor Answer

Your swimming pool builders have an answer. You see, we build more than just pools. Have you ever considered a pool cabana and outdoor toilet near your pool? There are many benefits to making this addition to your landscape, including:

  • No more wet carpets or slippery tile floors in your home
  • A place to change quickly and easily without going inside
  • Everyone stays in the same area so that the party goes on
  • A facility close by discourages using the pool as a toilet
  • A large enough cabana can provide storage space for pool chemicals
  • An upgrade to the value of your property

Having the extra space outside near the pool is an ideal way to make your pool parties much more fun. It’s more convenient for your guests and easier to maintain for you.

Our swimming pool builders can build so much more than pools. At Infinity Pools, we’ll make your cabana and bathroom dream a reality. We’ll work together to meet your needs and design a beautiful place to make entertaining fun and exciting once again. Don’t wait; summer is almost here and the guests will be lining up before you know it.