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Get to Know Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools brings decades of experience designing and building innovative in-ground swimming pools, water features, and landscape arrangements for discriminating clients of all budget levels.

Our experience developing budgets and executing construction projects has made us a leader in the pool construction industry. We continue to be the source that discerning homeowners and real-estate developers turn to for real-world knowledge about pools. With a team of the most qualified personnel in the industry, our mission is to promote the balance of work and relaxation that is embodied by a well-built pool. We want your pool to be a work of art that your family enjoys for generations to come.

Identifying and exceeding quality expectations is our primary objective while designing and building your pool, and we know that a mutually beneficial relationship between owner and contractor is the key to our success. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.

10 Ways We’re Different

1 Our accreditation and stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau.

2 Our 40 years of experience designing and building award-winning pools.

3 Our reputation for astonishing our customers with quality and service.

4 The rave reviews we get from every single customer we build with.

5 The peace of mind that comes with our Infinity Promise, which guarantees your happiness with everything we build.

6 Our process of owner-managed projects that ensures we're personally invested in your pool.

7 Modern, innovative building techniques which consistently exceed industry standards.

8 Imaginative designs that fall far outside the realm of freeform or kidney-shaped pools.

9 Outstanding warranties that consistently exceed industry norms.

10 The way we build long-lasting relationships with our customers, bringing them into the extended Infinity Pools family.

Our Construction Process

Your imagination becomes the blueprint for designing and building your custom swimming pool. Explore the newest technology and experience the highest quality craftsmanship in the industry. Consider unique architectural elements that will give you years of enjoyment while adding significant value to your home.


Want to know more about what goes into building and designing our in-ground concrete swimming pools? Below is an overview of the process of designing and building your custom in-ground swimming pool.

Phase 1 – Layout
The outline of the pool will be spray painted on the ground according to your design plan so you can approve the shape and location of your custom swimming pool. In preparation for excavation, this layout is 12” larger on all sides than the planned pool dimensions. If you have any concerns about placement or design, this is the best time to address them with your Project Manager.

Phase 2 – Excavation
The pool is excavated. To ensure a 12” bond beam, forming material is placed inside the excavated cavity of your pool. Excavated dirt will be removed from the property on the day of excavation, or with prior arrangement will be left on site for later use in grading or landscaping of the property.

Phase 3 – Plumbing & Equipment
Our professional plumbers use Schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings to create the circulation system of your pool using industry best practices for arrangement and assembly technique. Equipment is delivered and set for a “dry install”.

Phase 4 – Steel
Our pools use #4 (1/2”) Grade 60 steel reinforcing bar placed throughout the pool structure. Concrete spacers ensure the steel is not against the wall or the floor of the pool. This system allows shotcrete to evenly distributed under and above steel. Our custom swimming pools are professionally engineered to ensure the structural integrity for the life of the pool.

Phase 5 – Electric
Electric wiring and all grounding meet or exceed National Electric Code standards. Ground fault interrupter devices will be installed for protection against electric fault.

Phase 6 – Municipal Inspection
If your pool requires a permit, at this point your local municipality will perform an inspection of the plumbing, steel (rebar) and electrical work. Our rigorous quality standards ensure a guaranteed pass on first inspection.

Phase 7 – Shotcrete
Pneumatically applied concrete is used to create your custom pool’s monolithic shell. To prevent premature curing and minimize the potential for shrinkage cracks in the shell, your pool’s shell must be sprayed with water at least 4 times daily for approximately 5 days during this phase.

Phase 8 – Waterfall & Boulder
With the in-ground portion of the pool prepared, your choice of boulders and natural or artificial rock waterfalls are installed at this time. Ask about a custom grotto!

Phase 9 – Tile & Coping
Tile and coping create the most important aspect of your pool’s design—its precise footprint. These finishing touches will highlight the perimeter of your pool while defining the boundaries of your deck and pool.

Phase 10 – Decking
The quality of our decks is unsurpassed. We offer an exclusive 5 year warranty on select travertine decking materials. All concrete decking around the pool will be 5″ minimum thickness and is reinforced with #3 (3/8”) steel. Control joints and channel drains are used as necessary to ensure proper drainage for your deck.

Phase 11 – Acrylic
If your design includes acrylic topping, it will be applied prior to the clean-up and interior finish of your pool. This process typically takes 1-2 days depending on weather conditions. This topping requires 24 hours to complete the curing process.

Phase 12 – Clean-Up
Our craftsmen adhere to strict clean-up standards throughout the construction of your pool, but as with any major construction project, there will be debris and tire tracks in the construction area. The interior concrete surface of your pool will also be cleaned and prepared at this time for application of your final interior surface.

Phase 13 – Fencing
Safety is our #1 priority and in preparation for filling your pool with water, we construct or replace your fencing at this stage of the process. We encourage customers with children or pets to ensure that appropriate barriers—including self-closing, self-latching doors and gates if necessary—will be installed.

Phase 14 – Pre-Plaster Inspection
As your pool project nears the home stretch, we facilitate any required municipal inspections to ensure your pool meets all applicable codes and requirements. We ask that our customer be present at the time of inspection so that your inspector may confirm that any code requirements inside the house are met.

Phase 15 – Interior Finish
Your selected interior finish is applied to the interior surface of the pool by experienced tradesmen, after which the crew will begin filling the pool.

NOTE: It is particularly important that the filling process not be disturbed or stopped until the water reaches halfway up the opening of your skimmer. Damage to your interior finish, or unsightly “bathtub rings” may result if the water supply is turned off during this phase.

Phase 16 – Start-Up
When your custom swimming pool is complete and filled to the normal level, we will complete the initial mechanical start-up and a thorough evaluation of your equipment and plumbing systems to ensure that everything is operating at peak performance. Our Certified Service Professional trained technicians will balance your initial water chemistry at this time.

Phase 17 – Orientation
Now that your pool is full and the water has been balanced, your Project Manager will schedule a 1-hour orientation and instruction session to familiarize you with your new pool and ensure you’re able to operate all of the features you selected in the design phase. You will receive relevant owner’s manuals for your equipment.

Phase 18 – Celebrate!
Now that your pool is finished and full, it’s time to enjoy your new outdoor living space with Family and Friends.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Building a Pool

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A Letter from Our President

The past few years have seen trying times for our Country. Many of our best jobs have been outsourced overseas, but however difficult he may be to find—the American craftsman lives on in Texas.

At Infinity Pools, we take pride in constructing your custom pool with the precision and focus you won’t find at the Big Box Pool Builders. Our master artisans know the difference between good and great and take pride in giving our clients nothing short of perfection.

Our award-winning design team combines quality materials and proven techniques to help you build the oasis of your dreams. We take pride in our work and offer a warranty you can trust, giving you comfort that your backyard will be enjoyed for generations to come.

I encourage you to reward yourself with the outdoor lifestyle you deserve and look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.


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Excellence Is the Only Acceptable Standard