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Water Safety Partnership

Swimming is one of America’s favorite activities, and also one of the world’s oldest. As a custom pool builder, Infinity Pools places an emphasis on safety in everything we do. From design all the way to our last day on the job site, we’re committed to an injury-free workplace.

Our safety-consciousness also means we believe strongly in supporting the tools of water safety. One way we accomplish this goal is through an annual donation to the Greater San Antonio YMCA to sponsor swim lessons for children who don’t otherwise have access.

Water Safety Partnership image

Important Safety Equipment

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), the most important pieces of safety equipment are:

  • Adult Supervision: No matter your age or skill level, increase pool safety and enjoyment by ensuring that there’s always at least one non-swimming adult present for supervision. A whistle comes in handy to alert and command everyone’s attention promptly. There is no greater layer of protection than constant adult supervision.
  • Fencing: Fencing is another possible layer of protection. There’s a fence for every taste and budget, from wooden and chain link to ornamental and thick hedge barriers. Present your plans and design ideas to your local building code office, homeowners’ group, or other regulatory organization before proceeding.

Staying Safe

Because of our bedrock belief in water safety, we embark on a continuous process of self-improvement; researching emerging safety technologies and regulations, review of our internal construction and service practices, and through the development of strong partnerships with organizations like the YMCA of Greater San Antonio who are bringing up America’s next generation of swimmers, one community at a time.

We look forward to continuing to build strong industry partnerships we can use to promote awareness of water safety and the importance of swimming lessons.

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