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Families Love Infinity Pools

It’s true, families love Infinity Pools of Texas! We take pride in delivering 100% satisfaction and our Infinity Promise, which takes the worry out of buying a pool. With over 40 years of experience in building pools, we can ensure the pool we help you design will be well built and perfect for your families needs.

Your project starts with safety first. Having a construction zone in your backyard can be hazardous but we make sure it’s safe. There are no tools left behind and we’re always cleaning up debris. We even mask off your patio during certain stages of construction so it stays clean. Our owners are always talking with your family so you know what is going on.

Aubrey Pool Project with sauna, landscaping, bar, waterfall, fire features, and lighting

Design Options That Make Your Pool Even More Fun!

There are almost endless options as to what we can create so that your pool is fun for all ages.

  • Sun Decks or Large First Steps are great for smaller kids and for sun bathing while staying cool.
  • In-pool Tables and Seating make it fun to lounge while your kids play. Or serve lunch poolside.
  • Jump Rocks make the pool even more fun. On the sides of the pool or integrated into your waterfall they’re great.
  • Grottos and Slides can be fun for kids and adults. Hanging out under a waterfall is fun and relaxing for everyone, slides too!
  • Fire Pits make evenings and wintertime fun. Relax, make s’mores and enjoy the time with friends and family around the fire. With a gas line or without, you can add a fire pit to almost any design and not be too expensive.
  • Beach Entry and Wet Steps are the newest trends in pools. They slope into the pool and make it perfect for lounging or small kids. It’s a perfect way to add something different to your pool, with natural designs it’s a great option.
Mystic Shores Pool, Spa, Patio, Fireplace and Outdoor Kitchen Project

Create Memories!

Some of the best memories are hanging at the pool with your friends and family. Swimming pools can make your home the hub for your kids’ friends and your friends too. Summertime can be a great time at your house!

Entertain in your backyard! With a pool and water features, you can have the perfect backdrop for entertaining friends and family.

  • Outdoor Kitchens can make entertaining a breeze and keep your house clean! From simple kitchen to a full set up, you can create an outdoor cooking space that works for you. We can even add a tv!
  • Cabanas or outdoor bathrooms can keep the fun going and keep the water out of your house! Your guests will have easy access to restrooms and make outdoor entertaining even easier.
  • Buffets and Seating Areas are the finishing touches. A buffet and having places to sit, are thought about in the design and your guests will appreciate it. The little deals will impress you and your guests.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Heres some of the comments from them, on our Facebook page!


“Carl and Tom were a breeze to work with. They had our pool completed within 30 days! They continue to assist us with service and are always just a call or text away. We love our pool and are very happy to have the relationship we have with Infinity pools!!” -Carla

“We’re in the process of building a pool and cabana (outdoor kitchen w/bath). Carl and Tom love what they do. It’s evident in the quality of their workmanship. We can’t wait to see the finished product! Thanks, Infinity!!!” -Audrey

Excellence Is the Only Acceptable Standard