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Swimming Pools Add a Lot of Value to Our Homes and Our Lives – but Sometimes They Break

They help us relax, they help us exercise, and most of all they help us to enjoy outdoor living at its best with those we hold dearest—our friends and family.

But like many of the best things in life, pools require a little bit of maintenance and repair from time to time. Pumps can leak, filters can become clogged, and light bulbs burn out. These minor repairs remind us how important it is to keep our swimming pools running like well-calibrated machines.

Whether you need end-of-season winterization, acid washing, tile bead blasting, equipment replacement, or even a complete renovation—it’s important to choose a qualified provider and our service division can help. We hire only the most professional and experienced service technicians and we promise never to send anyone to your home that we wouldn’t invite into our own.

If your request is urgent, call our office at 210-460-1580. For the fastest service, use the form below to give us as much information about your request as possible.

  • What is the address where the service is being requested?
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    By submitting a Service Request to Infinity Pools LLC, Client hereby agrees that Service Requests determined to be outside the scope of written warranty previously provided to Client by Infinity Pools LLC shall be payable at Standard Labor Rates as determined by Infinity Pools LLC and listed below. Client agrees to immediately remit payment for any service call, labor or materials not directly related to Infinity Pools LLC’s Warranty. In the event Client fails to comply with payment guidelines set forth on this page, Infinity Pools LLC reserves the right to lien the property without notice and seek any and all legal remedies available to collect all money owed to Infinity Pools LLC. All work performed shall be in accordance with contractual guidelines. Damages, defects or failures determined to be the result of neglect, abuse or misuse, or external forces beyond Infinity Pools LLC’s control shall be repaired at Client’s expense and only with written authorization to proceed. Standard Labor Rates: $89.00 First hour, $43.00 Per quarter hour thereafter
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