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Professional Knowledge and Installation of Pool Equipment

Throughout your pool’s life, much like any appliance or vehicle, maintenance and upgrades will be needed. Over the years of our experience installing and designing custom pools for San Antonio, TX and the surrounding communities, we have built up an extensive knowledge of pool equipment and supplies. When it’s time for you to replace or upgrade your pool’s equipment, such as filtration units, cleaners, pumps, or others, call Infinity Pools. Our expert team is happy to assist you with everything from changing out a new motor to a complete replacement of your pool’s plumbing.

luxury pool with spa, water features and a playground area

Staying on Top of Your Pool’s Equipment

As you know as a pool owner, plenty of work and effort go into keeping your pool running smoothly. With all that work, there are many moving parts. From time to time, those parts and equipment will need to be replaced. Rather than spend valuable time out of your day, call the experts at Infinity Pools and discuss your options. Just because we didn’t install your pool doesn’t mean we can’t help you upgrade it. Just like we offer pool remodels, we enjoy helping San Antonio residents improve their equipment as well.

Upgraded Pool Equipment Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Upgrading your pool’s equipment doesn’t just benefit how it looks. With the constant development of new technology, pool equipment has become more and more efficient. New pumps don’t have to work as hard, lowering monthly energy bills. A new plumbing system can provide better circulation, resulting in less time and money invested in cleaners and supplies. As industry leaders and experts in pool knowledge, we at Infinity Pools look forward to helping you upgrade your pool to stay top-of-the-line and reliable. Call us today for a consultation and start turning your dated pool into a brand new oasis that you can enjoy for years.

Excellence Is the Only Acceptable Standard