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Swim-Up Bars Provide Seamless Blending of Amazement and Functionality

The ultimate luxury and added “cool factor” to your pool is installing a swim-up bar. Usually connected to a kitchen with ample space for severing guests, a swim-up bar blends swimmers and non-swimmers seamlessly while providing fun for everyone! Entertain your guests while they stay cool or enjoy a meal without having to get out of the water. Create your own backyard oasis complete with a swim-up pool with Infinity Pools. Our years of experience and professionally trained team make us the perfect choice for installing your pool’s unique features. If you’re considering a festive and fun approach to outdoor enjoyment in San Antonio, TX, give us a call today!

woman enjoying a drink in the pool at a bar

Make Every Evening a Night to Remember

By involving both guests in and out of the water, the entire party blends together for a perfect atmosphere. Incorporating a kitchen into your swim-up bar makes the experience even more special. Cook in front of your guests and serve them while they’re relaxing enjoying beverages in the pool to make an unforgettable night. Your friends and family will never experience dining al fresco the same! Create memories in an environment precision-designed to set the mood.

San Antonio, TX Custom Pool and Swim-Up Bar Specialists

Make your backyard resemble a five-star resort while staying affordable! Dazzle your guests and family alike by installing a fun swim-up bar to keep the party going. What do you have in mind? When we sit down for a consultation, we’ll go over your ideas and imaginations. No project is unobtainable. Whether you would like to install a full kitchen with a wraparound bar or just a modest few seats for intimate enjoyment, we’re here for you. Unsure of what exactly you want? That’s fine too. Take a moment to browse our Gallery as well as talk to us about our work. We’ve constructed plenty of customized pools with different features and are happy to help you find a perfect match for you.

Excellence Is the Only Acceptable Standard