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Beautiful Travertine Tile Decks with Safety-Focused Functionality

Travertine pavers provide your pool with a functional and fashionable aesthetic that is unmatched by other materials. Here at Infinity Pools, we’ve worked with hundreds of materials while designing, installing, and remodeling pools and outdoor areas. We take pride in providing our clients with nothing short of the best materials while still maintaining an affordable price. Learn more about what makes travertine decks so special below.

pool with waterfall and spa

Insulated Tiles for More Manageable Temperatures

There’s no worse feeling than finishing a relaxing swim or soak in your pool, only you have your feet scalded by the scorching pool deck that’s been baking in the Texas sun. Travertine acts as an insulator, reflecting the heat from the sun to stay a comfortable temperature. While it blocks sun rays, it also absorbs cool energy from the ground below, regulating your pool deck naturally without the need of coverings or spraying it down. Long gone are the days of dancing across the pavement to make your way into some shade.

Slip-Proof for Safety and Peace of Mind

While Travertine decks are insulated, eliminating burnt feet, they also have the included advantage of being slip-proof. As a two-step check for safety, you no longer have to worry about slipping and falling, which, by a pool, can be incredibly dangerous, especially for the little ones in your life. The porous stone absorbs water, preventing puddles that can cause hazardous falls. It also keeps your pool deck looking great, as you’ll never have large areas of pooled water other than your pool itself.

Elegant Beauty with Functional Appeal

On top of every advantage of travertine pavers, they contain a sophistication element unmatched by traditional pool decks. It comes in a large variety of cuts and colors, allowing you to stylize and match your pool’s overall motif. Call us today to invest in quality flooring that will not only look great but last long with safety-focused advantages. Ask about our industry-leading deck warranty!

Excellence Is the Only Acceptable Standard